Paige Luther
Technical Writer
In 2012, I graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts Illustration. Shortly after graduating, I moved to Seattle, WA where I settled in a position at Washington Federal that would later develop into my first technical writing role.

I have always had a strong love of organization and editing writing. Technical writing has felt like the most natural move possible for me career wise because it combined my love of both of these tasks with the fulfillment I found from feeling that the work I was doing was truly helping others. Being able to create content that makes complex ideas accessible for different audiences is my favorite goal of technical writing.

After my first two years as a Technical Writer, I returned to school to obtain a Certificate in Professional Technical Writing from the University of Washing in June 2018. Since completing that certificate program, I have gone on to work at global companies like Starbucks as a Technical Writer and currently Marel as a Software Content Editor.

My most recent journey in my writing career has taken me down a new path in the marketing industry, which has helped to improve my writing skills and adaption to different styles of writing, but has also given me the opportunity to create customer-facing content such as articles, white papers, product pages for our website, external release notes, and more.