Flying corgi
Notice: Please see the Contact section for commission requests. I will try to respond to all messages within 48 hours of receiving them.

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Base commission rates prior to shipping costs and any additional details:

5”x7” = $75

Ed and Ghibli

8”x10” = $150

Moxie Dori and Ralph

11”x14” = $225


Portraits (read more below): $20


Larger pieces can be requested with pricing given upon determination of the project.

Costs for additonal animals within a painting is determined on a case by case basis.


Plain color backgrounds are free, please let me know what color immediately as this will need to be taken care of first. Any other background I will price based on the complexity of it.

What you are paying for:
  1. Original painting
  2. High resolution image
If you would like to have matting or framing done, I am happy to discuss this as well.

I am reserving the right to reproduce any artwork done as a print and displaying it on my personal online portfolio. If you would do not want the piece to be reproduced please let me know at the start. If this isn’t a problem should I choose to create a print based off your commissioned piece I will make a point of sending you one free of charge (for US only; international is entitled to a free print provided compensation of shipping past that of normal US charges)

Purchase of reproduction rights from me can be discussed as well.

For each commission I offer up the right to request changes be made to the painting during the beginning stages. To protect myself from doing more work than I am being paid for I am only offering to make changes to the initial sketch twice (one for large things and a second for any small details I may have missed in the first reworking of the sketch).

What you will need to provide:

A photograph of the pet you want painted, if the lighting is poor in the photograph I may request several others to use as reference for coloring. If there is a specific background you would like in the painting please provide a reference photo of that as well. If any of the photos provided were not taken yourself please let me know ahead of time (the exception to this being if you purchased pictures from a professional pet photography session you had done in which case please let me know where they were done so I may double check the rights before proceeding).

Shipping information:

Shipping will be paid with second half of commission upon completion of painting. Cost of shipping is going to be determined based on which method you'd prefer I ship from (I have UPS, FedEx and USPS facilities all within a reasonable distance) but for a ballpark number for a 5x7 or 8x10 via USPS you'd be looking at around $7 total for packaging and cost of shipping itself. For anything larger I'd be happy to research the cost before you decide how you'd like it shipped.

Please let me know if you would like to purchase insurance for the painting as well. I pack them with newsprint surrounding the paintings and in between two stiff boards (either cardboard or illustration board) and if they're small enough I put them into padded envelopes; for larger pieces I will be purchasing bubble wrap to wrap them up in and reinforcing the packaging until I feel they will be safe from normal shipping wear.


I ask that upon signing the agreement half the price of the painting be sent to me and the other half at the completion of the painting to protect both myself and you. No paintings will be mailed prior to receiving the second half of the payment.

I will accept any of the following payment methods: PayPal, personal checks and cash. For personal checks I will require them to clear through the bank before beginning any process though.


For most paintings I've done in the past I've only required about a weeks time maximum but I do ask that you respect that I work full time and have a dog of my own so I will not make any promises for that. I will treat each request on a case by case scenario and give you a working timeframe of both when you can expect to have your painting finished or when you can expect for me to start on yours.

I will be doing commissions in the order they come in and will keep track of the requests and will be sure to give you an idea of how many people are in front of you in case you are on a time crunch of your own. I will also try to keep everyone updated on when the paintings are completed so they have a better idea of when theirs will be coming up so they can prepare any materials they might need for it.

Affordable option:

I do want to respect the fact that some people would like art but cannot necessarily afford the prices I have listed above. Due to this I would like to offer a more affordable option for commissions. What I'm offering is to do a head portrait of your pet and send you a high resolution digital copy of it afterward; you will be required to sign a contract stating you will not use the image for personal gain but that you are allowed to use it for your own personal interests (cards, avatars, etc.)

I am also retaining the rights to sell the painting itself for the cost of around $40-50.